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Who is bruce springsteen dating

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No one had a business card reading “Truth Seeker” or one reading “Being is Free.” There was not even a “ping-pong impresario” involved in this story.

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Which gets at one of the reasons this story sounds practically wholesome in comparison to the grunge that has floated to the surface in recent months.That’s what I tell myself when I'm going in the ring and I'm so nervous I just realise how lucky we are to be here and just really enjoy it and take it all in." The 24-year-old, who is the daughter of Bruce and Patti Scialfa, also shared the best advice she remembered receiving from her parents."Just when you move up in levels you're not going to be successful right away and to just keep working hard and like I said, not to be too hard on yourself," Jessica explained.When rumors about the 60-year-old musician and a married 45-year-old housewife from Red Bank, N.J., were first reported more than a year ago, I was saddened.I have written thousands of words about how much I love Patti Scialfa.

In fact, if you have been to a Bruce Springsteen concert and have heard — over the chorus of grumbles and “boos” that traditionally greet Bruce’s introduction of his wife — a voice bellowing “Patti!

But I’m not the only one feeling this wave of affection for the slightly corny nature of Bruce’s breach, for the straightforward purity of his alleged misdeeds.

Sheila Weller, author of “Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon and the Journey of a Generation,” was so struck by the retro-chaste quality of the story that on Monday she posted a message on her Facebook wall about the “Updike-esque” tale of “two decent, respectable, age-appropriate, long-married, probably bored people in a leafy suburb [who] meet and try to be discreet.

Weller guessed Taylor Branch’s “Parting the Waters.” My money is on “Journey to Nowhere: The Saga of the New Underclass” by Dale Maharidge and Michael Williamson,” a book I have heard Springsteen mention in concert.

Hopefully, unlike the ceaseless stream of information about the vulgar proclivities of Springsteen’s faithless fellow celebrities, this particular detail will remain shrouded in mystery.

It’s like dipping into the story of Edward Ferrars and Elinor Dashwood in “Sense & Sensibility,” after having just read “Poor Little Bitch Girl” by Jackie Collins.