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Who is barbara palvin dating

He was dressed in all white, with a funky vest (that showed off his arm muscles, naturally) and silver glove...Read Full Story Barbara Palvin (born October 8, 1993) is a Hungarian fashion model originally from Budapest.

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She continued, “Liam said everyone has girlfriends here tonight except Harry so yeah they’re dating.” Fizzy’s confirmation of Niall’s and Barbara’s relationship status comes on the heels of previous reporting from Hollywood of the pair on a date in London, as well as holding hands leaving an X Factor taping!The accompanying caption reads: "Miami." That's where Bieber was performing that night...Read Full Story Beliebers are freaking out on the Interwebs today after it was discovered that Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin posted a picture of herself in front of what was believed to be Justin Bieber's tour bus.But Barbara wasn’t exactly laughing, they looked to be having a serious talk.Also on the boat was John Travolta, Sharon Stone, Adrian Grenier.A picture of VS model Barbara Palvin standing in front of the Biebs' tour bus recently is creating all sorts of comment drama on the Interwebs, since the image pretty much proves she is still hanging out with the star.

The model wears shades and a green beanie while standing in front of a giant bus in the picture.

They were spotted going into a night club together and our source caught them!

“Justin and Adriana took the picture and hung out for a little bit but not as much as he would have liked,” an insider told us.

Just to remind you, in November of 2012, after Justin performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, he and Barbara hit it off and ended up going to on Broadway together!

Hollywood exclusively learned that Justin wants to date “all models” and that’s why he was spotted with Adriana Lima will at Cannes.

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