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Updating information about audio unit plug ins

Also when I launch Logic 9, the same thing happens. Why is this and more importantly - how can I escape this scanning??I have been searching the internet of course for suggestions but haven´t found anything of value for me.

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When you find which one it is, try see if you can install the latest update to correct the issue." / @Gary: You are my hero right now. This forum is great in so many ways - I feel I really am among the "pros" and use the site for huge amounts of self-studying. Due to other problems I needed to unisnstall my newly installed OS Mountain Lion system "backwards" (with the awesome help from my precious timecapsule) and go back to 10.6.8 and thus loose Logic x for a while since it requires Mountain Lion as you all know.Of course Logic did it´s first Audio Scanning process as usual.But the next time I opened i, everything was clear and working as it should - without 32bit plug-ins.I do have only one AU that fails now but I hope to sort that out. I set the settings to "Use Logic 9 64Bit Plug-in Friendly Audio Units". This constant Sanning Audio Units procedure every startup is still going on. Deleting cache-files and removing some plugins that might have been the cause. It is like it donôt remembers that a scanning has already been made.I also disabled the plugins manually in the checkboxes (Software Setup). It seems that the problem might be then with the cache.I realized I simply had to "sacrifice" many of my third party plug-ins but decided I would rather do that and update/install them later on one at a time...

So, I then re-installed the whole Mountain Lion OS and a bit nervously launched Logic 9.

Now start adding the plugin components back one at a time to troubleshoot which one is causing the problem.

I know this may take awhile if you have many 3rd party plugins.

Just wondering if had any troubleshooting posts (or and idea) that might help solve this.

The Mac maintenance utilities I am using are Onyx, Disk Warrior and Disc Doctor.

Once in the "old" system, I removed all my 32 bit plugins and put them all in a folder I named ("components - disabled") on my desktop..VST and VST3 ones.