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The effect of dating on line

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The internet’s role in our social lives is growing by the day.Social interaction has now become the primary use of home computers (Mc Kenna, 1999, p.2).

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In many communities, traditional marriage is the norm.Cyber-Relationships: an Overview The use of information technology for finding and meeting new partners can be traced back to the mid 1960s, when attempts to use data from questionnaires, to match couples through the use of computers, were made in the United States (Hardey, 2002, p.571).Growing in popularity, the idea soon spread to private companies in both the US and Germany (Hardey, 2002, p.571).In fact, the first Egyptian, Arabic-speaking dating website El-Nos_El_Tani was launched earlier this year.Like the personals column published in newspapers, dating websites, hold profiles, personal and demographic information about individuals seeking partners (Hardey, 2002, p. Members of the opposite sex can browse through the profiles and contact those deemed suitable.Dating sites vary between paid and unpaid systems; but most of them operate on a hybrid system where individuals can post profiles for free, but fees must be paid by those wishing to contact them (Hardey, 2002, p. Many argue internet is similar to face to face relationships, with only a few differences.

Internet is arguably the easiest, most disinhibiting and most accessible way for meeting new partners (Griffiths, 2001, p.6).

In fact, the internet has now become an important player on the love and dating scene, as it is used by many to find love and initiate relationships online.

Ever since the internet’s introduction to the Arab world, it has been shrouded in controversy.

What are the effects of cyber-relationships on Egyptian youths?

Are there any gender differences in Egyptian youths’ use of the internet for finding and pursuing romantic relationships?

However, the veracity of this system soon became questionable, and at least one of the early companies was successfully persecuted and shut down (Hardey, 2002, p.571).