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Taylor lily dating

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Taylor Lautner has an addiction: Dating his movie co-stars.No, seriously — four of his past seven relationships stemmed from on-screen chemistry becoming real-life romance!

After all, Swift has been in and out of tumultuous relationships for the past year-and-a-half.Almost immediately after she broke up with Harris, she moved on to star Tom Hiddleston.That also proceeded to fall apart after a few months. Even when the pop star tries to keep her life on the private side, that never seems to end up being the case. The pop star was allegedly the person to end their romance.“She’s reached out to Zac and told him that they should hang out and maybe go to dinner together, and he’s into it.It just hasn’t happened yet because of their schedules.” Well, now that Tay isn’t touring, that dinner date might happen pretty soon!But, then he snidely added that he “couldn’t see that working out,” the insider explained to Though the rapper was hosting a birthday party, he apparently sat with Taylor Swift in the corner and continuously whispered in her ear. Still, we can only hope that that doesn’t remain the case.

Another source close to Swift insists that they are only friends.

Finally, the source says that this is a long time coming.

Tay and Zac met back in 2012 when promoting their animated film — they actually went on a flirty dinner date that January — and have always kept in touch by texting and phone calls.

Taylor Swift’s dating life is usually pretty straightforward.

While the pop star generally has a type, it seems to be that she’s straying away from her usual brand of men, the insider disclosed.

Hiddleston was supposedly shocked that his ex was attracted to someone so opposite of him. Tom Hiddleston was supposedly in “denial” when he heard that the rapper and Swift could possibly be a new couple.