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Something awful dating game

The main faggots behind the magic are Slowbeef and Diabetus.

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He soon realized how much of a cancer he unleashed by commenting over games, and joined forces with a goon by the name of Diabetus.One of Chris's Captain's Logs is dissected by the hosts Kevin and Bean.Notably, the video in question required a full two minutes dedicated to disclaimers, as well as censoring of certain unairable acts .In 1999, Chris made his third appearance in a news report on the growing success of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.He was 17 years old at the time, and he was playing Pokémon cards with kids as young as 8.It is unknown whether he's realized that his autistic antics have technically been broadcast to low earth orbit.

On 12 July 2012, the Houston Press published an article on Rex Nabours III of defunct folk punk band Guwange and his attempts to raise money for sick children.

An i OS/Android beat-em-up based on a Cartoon Network pilot, OK K. introduces certain characters with a short biography screen (including a quote).

The one for Carol (the player character's mother) has her saying "Go out and defend our Plaza--to the extreme!

Retsupurae is a collaboration of various Something Awful basement dwellers who get paid to comment over video game footage that they themselves didn't record.

They also get paid to ban people from their subforum, and have a fanbase consisting of 14 year olds who use their allowance to buy their shitty merchandise.

While the show lasted a mere 3 months due to negative reception, one of his Tomgirl pics memorably and unsurprisingly showed up in the 4th episode of the show, viewed by almost a million people. The "Goat MMO Simulator" DLC pack adds a simulated MMO mode that parodies games such as World of Warcraft.