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Smarter advice for dating relationship

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They want a woman who is dumb enough to make them a priority and, unfortunately, for all those sane, rational and intelligent women out there, there’s a hefty number of these women out there.

These cultural stereotypes and gender biases are inhibiting women from being seen as equals. full of awkward first dates, bad sex and limited chances at orgasms.Women now associate the dating landscape with the same risks many face going into the arctic tundra.Women everywhere are flailing under this double-edged sword.A beautiful, attractive female isn’t desirable for her mind, and those with strong characters are seen as threatening, masculine and undesirable.It doesn’t assuage a woman’s pain as her parents ask where her boyfriend is and why she can’t find a nice guy.

The saying should be something closer to “ignorant women get the man and intelligent women never feel bliss.”But why is this?

We’ve learned tips, tricks and lessons that could only be experienced firsthand, quickly learning the scams, the men who are just trying to swindle you and certain places we will just never go again.

We’ve changed our clothes, hair and grooming styles to fit the destination, yet there’s something we can’t seem to change that’s making the journey a treacherous hike.

Then again, deciding what kind of woman you are is like choosing between a rock and a hard place.

If you’re stupid, you’re not taken seriously, but if you’re smart, you’re taken too seriously.

Rational and educated women are being ignored and chastised for their intelligence.