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Sedating older cat for travel

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Try not to leave your cat alone in the car, but if this is unavoidable leave the car out of direct sunlight and with all windows open.

If you take sensible precautions the chances of your cat becoming lost en route will be minimal but be prepared for any eventuality.Take plenty of fresh water, particularly when travelling in hot weather.If your journey is broken for any reason, make sure there is no risk of your cat overheating if left inside the car.Cover this with a familiar smelling blanket (or piece of your old clothing) so that your cat can rest in comfort.There should be a dish of water and dried food may sometimes be useful on a lengthy journey.Sometimes cats can be taken into the cabin as hand luggage provided they are in a suitable container that will fit under a seat.

However, more often they have to travel in the aircraft hold because of the risk of escape and of people with allergies to cats having serious health problems in the confined space of an aircraft cabin.

If it is going to be a long journey you may have your cat checked by your vet to ensure it is healthy before it travels.

If your cat is unable to travel you will need to make alternative arrangements for it; you could arrange for your cat to stay with a friend or book it in at a cattery or with a pet sitter.

Your cat may be anxious at first but eventually most cats fall asleep.

It is possible that your cat may suffer motion sickness and so it is not a good idea to feed it within about an hour of the start of the journey.

Once your cat is used to the container, feed it inside there and shut it in for short periods before travelling.