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Ryan higa and tarynn nago dating

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By December 21, 2010, it had reached 3 million subscribers, the first channel to do so.In 2008, Los Angeles producer Richard Van Vleet offered to help them create their first feature-length film.

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He also has a jaw-dropping 14 million subscribers and because of these reason he is earning great money as well.It included guest appearances from Ian and Anthony of Smosh, D-Trix, Kassem G and Hiimrawn.The resulting film, Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure, was directed by Richard Van Vleet and released on November 14, 2008.Even after being such a huge sensation in You Tube, he is still very calm and collected human being.He is very down to earth and his amazing smile and looks can make any woman fall for him in seconds.He became active from mid 2006 and his journey continues.

There had also been times when he was reported to have violated copyright policies and some videos were removed too.

In 2016 Higa, and other You Tubers and friends, created the parody K-pop group Boys Generally Asian.

He is very famous Youtube personality and is also an actor by profession. He has been active in Youtube since his highschool days and they all started with lip-synching to songs.

Higa has also starred on an episode of Supah Ninjas, playing DJ Elephant Head, a master plotter who uses his hypnotizing electronic music to make people fall asleep to commit robberies.

Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure is about a down on his luck movie producer, played by Michael Buckley, who is seeking out famous celebrities in order to make a hit movie in 30 days or risk being fired.

He is also a black belt holder in Judo and this proves how multi talented he is. Two of his best and most popular videos which were called How To Be Gangster and How To Be Emo were not available for long time and the main reason behind this was copyright issues which got it deleted.