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Hopefully by now you can see that this is a very comprehensive course. Let’s face it, no training program like this is going to do anything for you unless you actually watch the videos, absorb the info and then take action on it.

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Of course there are different methods out there for boosting testosterone like getting synthetic testosterone injections, using other prescription drugs and taking supplements.First I should say that I am no doctor, I don’t have references and I’m not making health claims.The guys at SPS who published this program do have researchers, and references and you can check them out on there website here if you want to look at the hard science behind this program.That said, I still have 10-15 lbs of body fat I’d really like to lose.I was also interested in checking out because it’s not just another “weight-loss” diet, at all.This part was exciting for me because I find that I spend way too much time cooking for myself when I have other important things to do.

I already had been cooking some stuff ahead of time to keep on hand, but this has helped me to take it too the next level and is a really great time-saver.

Yes, it’s likely that you could lose substantial weight following these guidelines,* but the real goal of the program is to help guys optimize their hormone health and boost their testosterone.

So rather than making you count calories, or eat a lot of salads, or to do any of the other horrifying things that popular diets tell you to do (that don’t typically work out well for guys over 40 btw), Test Max intends to get to the root cause of the problem – deteriorating hormonal health.

They say this is a 90 day phase, but ideally you can take the basic nutritional guidelines from this phase and more or less keep them as your eating plan for life.

This is possible because your meals during this phase aren’t as strict and should allow you to maintain optimal test levels from here on out.

That all being said, I have been through the Test Max Nutrition System course material, and have read several other books and articles about testosterone and men’s health.