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Pkg updating repository catalogue no valid repository found

Error messages: command to find the location of the package repository that you are trying to use, and examine SMF services on that system.[[email protected] BSD ~]# uname -a # upgrade from 10.0 Free BSD Free BSD 10.1-RELEASE Free BSD 10.1-RELEASE #0 r274401: Tue Nov 11 UTC 2014 [email protected]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC amd64 [[email protected] BSD ~]# pkg -v 1.3.8 [[email protected] BSD ~]# pkg update Updating Free BSD repository catalogue...

The following 2 packages will be affected (of 0 checked): New packages to be INSTALLED: gettext-runtime: 0.19.3 Installed packages to be UPGRADED: krb5: 1.12.2 - 1.13 The process will require 840 KB more space. Assertion failed: (pkgdb_ensure_loaded(j-# pkg info|grep krb krb5-1.12.2 Authentication system developed at MIT, successor to Kerberos IV # pkg install -A security/krb5 Updating Free BSD repository catalogue... Mine was also referencing the gettext-runtime replacement, so the underlying cause of the current problem might be a problem with the new package. pkg: No digest falling back on legacy catalog format pkg: Free Not Found # pkg update Updating Free BSD repository catalogue...WHOLEROOT.install Image: Preparing at /cloud S/WHOLEROOT/root. Install Log: /system/volatile/install.8396/install_log AI Manifest: /tmp/ Teaayq SC Profile: /usr/share/auto_install/sc_profiles/enable_Zonename: WHOLEROOT Installation: Starting …Creating IPS image Startup linked: 1/1 done Installing packages from: solaris origin: file:///UAIPS/repo/ origin: Error occurred during execution of ‘generated-transfer-8396-1’ checkpoint.To associate new certificates with the publisher, use the Configure Parent Repos and Add Content actions in the Library → Oracle Solaris section of the Ops Center BUI.

See the Firewall Rules section of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Ports and Protocols guide for firewall rules to allow systems to access the external IPS repository.

The following 79 packages will be affected (of 0 checked): New packages to be INSTALLED: vim: 7.4.540_1 lib Xpm: 3.5.11_2 xproto: 7.0.26 lib Xext: 1.3.3,1 xextproto: 7.3.0 lib Xau: 1.0.8_2 lib X11: 1.6.2_2,1 libxcb: 1.11 lib Xdmcp: 1.1.1_2 libxml2: 2.9.2_2 libpthread-stubs: 0.3_6 kbproto: 1.0.6 lib Xfixes: 5.0.1_2 fixesproto: 5.0 lib Xdamage: 1.1.4_2 damageproto: 1.2.1 expat: 2.1.0_2 lib Xt: 1.1.4_2,1 lib SM: 1.2.2_2,1 lib ICE: 1.0.9,1 pango: 1.36.8 lib Xrender: 0.9.8_2 renderproto: 0.11.1 xorg-fonts-truetype: 7.7_1 font-misc-meltho: 1.0.3_1 mkfontscale: 1.1.1_1 libfontenc: 1.1.2_2 freetype2: 2.5.4 mkfontdir: 1.0.7 fontconfig: 2.11.1,1 font-misc-ethiopic: 1.0.3_1 font-bh-ttf: 1.0.3_1 encodings: 1.0.4_1,1 font-util: 1.3.0_1 dejavu: 2.34_4 lib Xft: 2.3.1_2 harfbuzz: 0.9.36 graphite2: 1.2.4 cairo: 1.12.18,2 xcb-util-renderutil: 0.3.9 xcb-util: 0.3.9_3,1 pixman: 0.32.6 png: 1.5.20 glib: 2.42.1 python27: 2.7.8_6 libffi: 3.0.13_3 perl5: 5.18.4_10 pcre: 8.35_2 libiconv: 1.14_6 icu: 53.1 gtk2: 2.24.25_1 lib Xrandr: 1.4.2_2 randrproto: 1.4.0 lib Xinerama: 1.1.3_2,1 xineramaproto: 1.2.1 lib Xi: 1.7.4,1 inputproto: 2.3.1 lib Xcursor: 1.1.14_2 lib Xcomposite: 0.4.4_2,1 compositeproto: 0.4.2 cups-client: 1.7.3_2 shared-mime-info: 1.1_1 hicolor-icon-theme: 0.12 python: 2.7_2,2 python2: 2_3 gtk-update-icon-cache: 2.24.25 gdk-pixbuf2: 2.31.2 tiff: 4.0.3_5 jpeg: 8_6 jbigkit: 2.1_1 jasper: 1.900.1_14 atk: 2.14.0 tcl86: 8.6.3 ruby:,1 libyaml: 0.1.6_1 readline: 6.3.8 lua52: 5.2.3_3 ctags: 5.8 cscope: 15.8a The process will require 350 MB more space.

Free BSD:10:i386/latest/All/vim-7.4.540_1.txz: Not Found The server page BSD:10:i386/latest/All/ offers the package vim-7.4.542as one would expect from

When i have started working on Solaris 11, i have faced lot of issues with IPS and that too happens only after the IPS deployment.

You need to either online or local repository(offline) to install package,update the Operating system and install the zones.

[[email protected] BSD ~]# pkg search chromium chromium-38.0.2125.122 chromium-bsu- [email protected]:~ # uname -a Free BSD org 10.1-RELEASE Free BSD 10.1-RELEASE #0 r274401: Tue Nov 11 UTC 2014 [email protected]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC i386 [email protected]:~ # pkg -v 1.4.0 [email protected]:~ # pkg update Updating Free BSD repository catalogue...