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Last night, with a crocodile tear being shed by me, the goat went up in smoke...

I dragged many birding friends all over this continent to see birds.He had an internship at Boston University this summer.I did visit him there and we chased a Manx shearwater together on a beach north of Boston, but I didn’t see much of him otherwise all summer.I missed going on the trip to visit Allwin in Germany.Tyko and Silja went to see him in June while Lauren and I were in Alaska (did I mention she saw 514 species of birds! Anyhow, they visited old castles and cathedrals on the Rhine and Mosel rivers.Silja continued to work part time emergency medicine in Minnesota.

Also, she enjoyed various house maintenance projects, thank you Tony for helping out with the shed door.

I have traveled over 270,000 miles this year and I write this piece to you from Gambell, St.

Lawrence Island, Alaska, a place on a good day, (today is not one of them) you can see Russia.

I showed her cool scenery, whales, once in a lifetime places, and we have memories we can share forever.

Who gives a crap about a couple of lost birds, no one is going to remember those. She was tired of skiing and wanted a new challenge.

We almost got lost and stranded in the desert and enjoyed the amenities of Merced, California, well we ate breakfast there. Allwin read a book on the meanings of obscure words and then gave them to me in sentences as we drove around the golden state.