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Osawa takao and ayase haruka dating

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Ending on JIN is a pretty good way to go Haven't found any sites with the requested, but did find a few things to watch to tide you through until the 17th. This is the first time that a TBS drama has been licensed overseas before it airs in Japan.

"Finally got around to changing the thread title hohoho, also added Uchino Masaaki. I hope so, or else I'm gonna have to change the thread title again lol. Cant believe, a big red tail just perched in tree in my back yard. Sometimes long legged stork fly by from near by golf course too. When you are done it will be time for the season 2. Sato Ryuta and Kiritani Kenta...that's a lot of eyecandy MUAHAHAH @furransu sorry to hear you won't be uploading dramas anymore, I know quite a few of your uploads I have not been able to find anywhere else, so I'm really thankful. v=NQMb Tu O1LDs Ayase asking for donations re: Japan Quake The highly anticipated second season of the drama series “JIN” will start in Japan this Sunday (April 17), but it has now been announced that the show has also been picked up for broadcast in 80 countries and territories worldwide.Edo Jin took the meds back to Edo for Saki and was able to save her. I'm still trying to understand the thing about modern Jin having memories of Edo Jin. According to mangaupdate, there hasn't been any scanlation works going about the manga. According to mangaupdate, there hasn't been any scanlation works going about the manga. I don't know Chinese so I can't read the Chinese scanlations.So Edo Jin fell back to present, met modern Jin, stole some meds and came back to Edo. So i don't know how to find it, if any,hideaki. I know a few JP words and I have a kanji dictionary.It looks like it follows the manga (from the preview.) So ep 2 should start... Jin said something along the line of "at that moment, I want this woman to be happy/I want to make this woman happy." My Japanese sucks.[spoiler]with shogun's wife eats the donuts and fall ill. In Vol 11, someone asked him about his feelings for Saki and he said she's someone important to him and he would tell her his feelings after he finished his research.He and Saki did and he gave her the engagement ring. In vol 12 or 13, Jin was drunk and mistook a geisha as Saki.

He hugged the geisha while calling "Saki-san" and in his dream he was showing Saki his modern world. Saki later then took a bullet for him and was dying I think.

They had BETTER do a season 2, because my wife (who just emigrated from Japan) and I are furious at the lack of any explanation.

SPOILER ALERTI mean, if a dude has a tiny sinister baby living in his skull that deserves explanation, right? 18 and shows no sign of ending soon, so if TBS wants to cover the complete story you may be looking at several seasons of JIN.

It’s been announced that popular manga “JIN-仁-” (written by Murakami Motoka) will finish its series on the next issue of “SUPER JUMP” which will be published on November 24th.“JIN-仁-” started its series on SUPER JUMP in April 2000, and total sales of “JIN-仁-” reached 5.3 million copies.“JIN-仁-” was also adapted to a drama which was broadcasted in 2009, and the drama received a high rating. lol Planning to re-watch some episodes on March, in order to get ready for April! So April looks like it will live up to the Roman month for new things to begin.

There will be a sequel to the drama, and it will start in April 2011. Just as March was the month to prepare for war(before spring planting begins).

In Taiwan, the drama will start airing on April 23rd, Hong Kong will follow in May and South Korea in July.