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Olivia and fally ipupa dating

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Fally’s popularity spread like wildfire after the lingala singer teamed up with G-Unit’s Olivia for the song Chaise Eletrique in 2009, a hit single that fired rumours of a budding relationship between the duo.Go indexes third party websites and does not have control over, nor any liability for the content of such third party websites.FALLY:dicape la merveille, oooohhh,el marabioche el pipe el mort dj OLIVIA:fally ipupa FALLY:yes olivia oouh,this is a champions loves OLIVIA:i love the way you listen to me is it because i fufill your everyneed(yeah) take the control of my body you make me weak i'm a show you just what to do so you can please me do you like it when im lovng you i say your name what a sensation has come over me its insame now i want you take me to another place where its just you and me in this electric chaise refrain: FALLY: mama na ngaééé,na peli motoéééé mama na ngaééé,na peli motoéééé(2) OLIVIA:i wanna love you down when nobody is around.i no one can hear FALLY:chérie obongwani okomi lisapo oya butuuuu malheur à qui par qui scandal ya elengi eko yela yé acompagné na ba tonnèree ya sentiment,motema na ngaiééé territoire occupé ya plaisir,na zo lela ndé bolingooooo ezo sala neti ezo pesa mais neti ezo botelaaaa sanctifier motema na nga dans un plaisir raffinééé nzoto na nga ndé singa,caresses,tendresses,na elengiéééna ngaééé,na peli motoéééé mama na ngaééé,na peli motoéééé(2) OLIVIA:i got you underneath my skin and now i can't get you off to much for am i to do (with you) your making me feel like your loves all i need and now i can't do without it refrain:(2) OLIVIA:i wanna love you down,when nobody's around i wanna keep ya no one can hear FALLY:na préféré na ngaiii chaise electrique ya sentiment,tshuba mbazi na viande,ekoma kamundelé un fouet musclé au service ya sa majesté la reine! -Chaise Electrique was a huge hit in the Congo and most western african countries.She also attended Hofstra University in New York for a short period.She started her singing career during her adolescent years and was the first artist to affiliate with Clive Davis’ J Records.Likewise, another single from the album, “Are You U Capable” also received a positive response from the audiences. In 2004, she got affiliated to G-Unit Records and started to give her vocal in various projects f the group including the group's debut album Beg for Mercy.

In the same year, she contributed her vocal in 50cents’ Duo song “Candy Shop” and The Massacre.

May 9, 2011 – If you have Sh2,500 it can get you VIP ticket to see Congolese sensation Fally Ipupa at the Carnivore Grounds this month.

The MTV award winner and stunning performer will be the star attraction at the Sawa Sawa Festival this year, which starts on May 28.

Likewise, she worked with another G-Unit member Lloyd Banks in her debut solo single “Twist It”, recording under G-Unit Records.

In 2005, she released her another single “So Sexy” but due to lack of promotion, both of her single failed to impress in Billboard charts.

Yve, this Fally pic makes me wanna give him some so bad like backstage like right now.