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Throwing an Error is not appropriate, as consuming code will not be prepared to handle that, so client code cannot appropriately handle the "invalid XML" scenario and fails outright.


Internal Error: processing event: -1 ERROR MESSAGES/STACK TRACES THAT OCCUR : processing event: -1 - Wie schon erwähnt, bildet der DOM-Parser das XML-Dokument auf einen DOM-Tree ab.Dieser Baum befindet sich im Speicher, und kann dort auch manipuliert werden.Das hat zur Folge, daß die Parser sehr ähnlich zu bedienen sind, und nur an wenigen Stellen Abweichungen auftreten.In der Methode parse wird ein nichtvalidierender DOM-Parser instantiert, und zwar mit: ist.Document Builder.parse(Document at JI9025033.main( I get the same when using the provided snippet of the XML.

However, I believe there are more in the user's file that can indeed produce the error as described.

Path Resolver.(Path Resolv at Path Instance (Path at com.enext. Base Servlet.process(Base Se at com.enext.

FULL PRODUCT VERSION : Seen on many versions of JDK6 and JDK7 up to current JDK7u51 build ADDITIONAL OS VERSION INFORMATION : Issue occurs on any OS EXTRA RELEVANT SYSTEM CONFIGURATION : This is irrelevant to the issue. Internal Error from XMLDocument Fragment Scanner Document() instead of some sensible exception when trying to parse XML that contains unclosed tags - this should be handled more gracefull, specifically the method declares that it will throw XNIException, which would be appropriate to use here too.

In all the cases following exception is thrown: The element type "remove" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "". DOMParser.parse( at org.apache.xerces. Document Builder Impl.parse(Document Builder at parsers.

Document Builder.parse(Document at JI9025033.main( Tested with the attached testcase and xml file.

"); // get server information from Local Resource Bundle res Bundle = Resource Bundle("Local Strings"); String DBType = res String("METRICS.