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Mariane pearl dating

I don't like the 9/11 fund, simply because it sets bad precedent--why do the 9/11 families get something while the Khobar Towers families do not?

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The three most recently captured suspects have not yet been charged, and their arrests have never been officially announced.He put the reporter in touch with a man who, he pretended, would introduce him to an extremist Muslim leader whom Pearl wished to interview.Contrary to evidence given during Omar Sheikh's trial, police now believe he may not have been present when Pearl met Sajid Jabbar, the go-between, at a Karachi restaurant. Investigators say that senior officials in the Sindh police - the force responsible for Karachi - are "petrified" that if militants arrested in the past year were tried for their part in Pearl's murder, their earlier case against Omar Sheikh might unravel in the courts.The 36-year-old Pearl stood by Eason Jordan last year when he faced criticism after admitting he hadn't reported some info he'd learned during 13 trips to Iraq for "fear of endangering our staff in Baghdad." "I have known Jordan for almost a year," she wrote in a letter to The Washington Post last April."From the start, I was surprised by how ethical Jordan is and how dedicated he is to issues of journalistic ethics - more concerned than I would have expected from someone at a network like CNN, with its splashy logos and special theme music for the war." Pearl, whose request for compensation from the 9/11 victims' fund was rejected last month, went on CNN Tuesday to plead her case.One official close to the investigation said: "Even if these men have admitted their roles in the kidnapping and killing of Daniel Pearl, we simply cannot charge them because of its impact on that earlier case."Police have pieced together new details of how Pearl was held in captivity for two weeks, and eventually killed, from those involved - including two who witnessed his final hours.

Many of the details were unknown even to Mariane Pearl, the reporter's widow, who wrote a moving memoir about his death, A Mighty Heart.

He was held for two weeks before he was killed but made at least one escape attempt - according to the arrested men, just three days before he was murdered."He tried to scale the wall but couldn't do it because both his hands were tied," one told police.

His captors said that Pearl had difficulty sleeping.

Angelina Jolie plays Mariane, widow of the Wall Street Journal reporter, who was murdered by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002 while researching a story on the links between “shoe bomber” Richard Reid and Islamic spiritual leader Sheikh Mubarak Gilani.

Mariane was pregnant with their child (inset) when her husband was kidnapped.

His wife, Susan Jordan, said, "I have absolutely no comment."If Susan wanted to emulate Hillary, she would've had plenty of comments. We were all affected in some way if that's the case. I am sorry it happened but if she wants money tell her to Sue the government of Pakistan.