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Manually updating punkbuster for aa3

If this still doesn’t work, then it’s time to start double and triple checking your settings.

If your Server provider is someone else you need to contact them.America's Army servers can be set up to run as GLOBAL (servers that appear in the in-game and Steam browser) or as LAN servers.LAN servers use (attach, or "bind to") the IP address specified in the "Server Authorization IP address" field shown on the main Host a Server dialog.You might have this situation if you have more than one network adapter in your computer or you have a LAN network adapter and a USB based DSL or cable mode.In the case where you need to check the "Use Multihome with IP" box be sure to enter your server's registration "Server Authorization IP Address" exactly as it appeared in the E-Mail you received when you registered your server.In the command line type adminpb_sv_restart and wait for the PB client to finish the install and update.

Your server should now be Punkbuster enabled with the latest files. The file you want depends on what your server provider is using for there operating software.

Depending on your network connection and the CPU of your PC you may be able to host anywhere from four to 26 players at the same time.

The following table will give you a rough estimates for required CPU and available memory as well as bandwidth requirements to run an America's Army 3 server for various numbers of players: Note that these are estimates and depending on the map and what other applications are running on your PC you may require additional RAM.

The password should be long enough to be secure (five or more characters and numbers recommended) and short enough that players can remember it so they can join your server.

You can also control who can join your server as a "super" administrator.

However, GLOBAL servers can be set up to bind to a different IP address than that used for the authentication of your server using the "Use Multihome with IP" check box and the "Advanced IP Options" button.