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The Malay Peninsula became the crossroads in maritime trades of the ancient age.

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The theory of the Proto Malay people originating from Yunnan is supported by R. Combination of the colonial Kambujas of Hindu-Buddhism faith, the Indo-Persian royalties and traders as well as traders from southern China and elsewhere along the ancient trade routes, these peoples together with the aborigine Negrito Orang Asli and native seafarers and Proto Malays intermarried each other's and thus a new group of peoples was formed and became to be known as the Deutero Malays, today they are commonly known as the Malays.This is a legal agreement ("Agreement") between you and TCC.Please read the Agreement carefully before registering for TCC service. Registration is explicit acceptance of the terms herein.According to the earliest written records (in Chinese), the first recorded civilisation in the Mekong Delta was the 1st century Indianised-Khmer culture of Funan. Neolithic inhabitants of coastal parts of the modern Cambodia region were cultivated rice.They were also knowledgeable in iron and bronze works as well as possessing good navigational skills. Cady, Southeast Asia: Its Historical Development, New York, 1964.) The Đông Yên Châu inscription around the 4th century AD is the oldest Malay text found.Now that the history is interlinked, there is a possibility that Parameswara's family were Cham refugees who fled to Palembang before he fled to Tumasik and finally to Malacca.

Interestingly, one of the last Kings of Angkor of the Khmer Empire had the name Paramesvarapada.

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Rising sea levels in three massive pulses may have caused flooding and the submerging of the Sunda continent, creating the Java and South China Seas and the thousands of islands that make up Indonesia and the Philippines today.

A 2009 genetic study published by the 2009 Human Genome Organization Pan-Asian SNP Consortium found that Asia was originally settled by humans via a single southern route. The Proto Malay (Melayu asli) who first arrived had agricultural skills while the second wave Deutero Malay (mixed blood) who arrived around 1500 BC to dwell along the coastlines had advanced fishery skills.

Population dispersals seem to have occurred at the same time as sea levels rose, which may have resulted in migrations from the Philippine Islands to as far north as Taiwan within the last 10,000 years.