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Lesbian cancer dating

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The Cancer lesbian just accepts the shit, and hopes she will one day understand its content and chemical make-up.

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What explains this disconnect between what you see on the outside and the reality on the inside? In fact, if you get too close to a crab, it can pinch you. However, if you’re able to crack a crab, deep down inside is a very soft, gooey mess.By being defensive, you’re trying to protect yourself emotionally.The reason I say its okay is because this piece of advice prevents you from putting on a bigger act.A long-term companionship is the secret dream of every Cancer.If you don’t see babies with a Cancer in your future, you may need to break up with her.The whole point of dating is really to find a partner and you can’t find a partner if that partner doesn’t really know the real you. So by understanding that it’s okay to be defensive hopefully this will prevent you from putting on bigger walls.

Hopefully this will just allow you to put up small walls or medium-sized walls.

Invite your Cancer girlfriend to the bars, 7 times a week. The Cancer lesbian will take buckets and buckets of shit from her partner. Now she’s starting to define the shit as shit, but she won’t say anything out loud. by proclaiming such intentions, you may end up torturing Cancer’s soul with “what ifs”.

It’s not that she sees the shit as roses (as may be the case with an in-love Aries). She’s afraid that she is the one that makes her partner unhappy, and if she says something, she’ll get a complaint back. Be careful – she is unlikely to step back into the same river.

All the while she will, of course, refer to you as “a friend” to anyone that inquires. Their shadows accumulate with years, and every new potential girlfriend needs to measure up to all of their good qualities.

The bad qualities Cancer is still trying hard to understand.

It’s very easy to look at Cancer people as basically putting on a show.