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India dating language exchange network dating site

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Our main focus is the rigid guidelines we use to keep our traffic acceptable.We only accept high quality dating web sites and work continuously to weed out cheating and ineffective accounts before they can harm the network (and our good customers).

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This guarantees the highest quality visitors for our members.We do not welcome too suggestive, tasteless, obscene, confusing or offensive banners, but sometimes it is difficult to satisfy all of our exchange members.Even if the banner has been approved previously, we will review it again to ensure that it falls within the guidelines for acceptable banner advertising.This increases web traffic to your website and generates more sales for you. This would deactivate your banner advertising campaign but you would receive financial compensation for your unused banner impressions.When visitors click away from your site you probably lose that traffic forever.You will get a healthy exchange rate 5:4 and detailed traffic statistics.

You get more traffic by exchanging banner advertising.

Naturally, you need to have some impressions before you can sell them.

To do this make sure that your impressions are "saved for sale or later usage" - this is set in Banner Manager individually for each banner spot.

COM is devoted to "serious" and "general public" introductions with a view to finding love, but also simply to chat among friends. Our dating services are totally free of charge to all users (both Indian men and Indian women).

COM is available in English language, but you can aslo use our services in Hindi language, at this URL : WWW. IN A DATING WEB SITE WHICH IS 100% FREE OF CHARGE FOR INDIAN SINGLES This site is financed by advertising.

Dating Ad Network is a free and robust online advertising engine for companies and webmasters who run dating and singles matchmaking websites.