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You can play around with the addictive social dating app Tinder or ask your pals to try the group-dating service Grouper.

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It's easy to get caught up in the same routine — especially with something that can be as daunting as dating.Will the changes help attract enough users to make it a viable business?The idea behind Ignighter is for your group -- buddies from college, coworkers, etc.When you land you land in the shopping area before you move towards the rp area.If you go to the bottom of the market there is clothing for Pathers, and slaves. Grabbing my travel partner Mysterious to go on another adventure after we slap the MM boards @ Custom Inkz, we flying across the map we touch down at Leather and Lace DSM Community and Slave Auction.

As you walk forward you come to what I thought was a dance floor but there are tons of Auction boards, where you can bid on spending time with someone that is right up your alley, boys seeking owners, girls seeking masters, Girls seeking masters, girls seeking owners, girls seeking mistresses, owner's seeking subs.

Although there are people here I don't believe an event was going on.

If you go east of the lake, there is a mass collection of pets out, there is even a tiger swimming in the river.

You're not doing yourself any favors by dating the same kind of guy over and over again.

Sure, you know your taste, but you may surprise yourself, so try to be open-minded.

** Lag Rating: 3 Moving Northwest, after talking to some lovely ladies there at the Auction house we land on Felicity. Moving forward there are rugs, flowers and elegant furniture ahead.