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Great expectations dating boca raton

Over three years have past and my membership did not result in a single date.They claim it is because I was not active in all their get togethers, which I must add, costs additional money.

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I was a member of Great Expectations thirty years ago, when the company was privately owned, based in Los Angeles, not a franchise, and when the owner's mother and sister were actively involved.After signing up, I regreted it and tried to cancel my membership within 24 hours. After awhile, I decided since I wasn't getting my money back, I would give it a try.I went to the library and searched female members from A to Z. There were approximately 15 individuals that met my criteria, however none of them were interested in an Asian male in his early 30's, which a young child.Frankly, my experience with them -- unlike yours -- was truly wonderful.As a family operation, they actually cared about their members, and the owner's mother would try to fix people up herself, even though it was a video dating service. Take them to small claim's court, where you can recover up to $5, 000, on Judge Judy.It is usually women employees who thing they are cupid. They take your money, without giving you anything in return.

The world would be a better place if the Company went bankrupt and disappeared forever. I can't compare it to cheap stores like Goodwill or Wal-Mart, as Goodwill and Wal-Mart allow you to get a refund.

Often, people on dating sites misrepresent themselves and set their potential dates up for disappointment.

(According to a 2011 New York Times article, approximately 81 percent of online daters lie on their profile.) We strive to make sure that doesn’t happen.

I was also medically advised to swim, ride a bike, and walk to maintain my muscles. I emailed my cancellation within the ridiculous 3 day time limit. They said they consider me an active member as of Aug.14, 08 having provided me with NO MEMBER SERVICES! Now I will send A/E (and the BBB who did nothing), a printout of all these complaints against this UNETHICAL PRACTIONER, this fraudulent dating service. The saleswomen was a very attractive person, who said she was a successful member.

I am legally able to run a business and earn a substantial income, provided I am not performing labor more than 20 hours a week. Wiseass Margolis, said due to my interests (cycling, walking, swimming and gardening) and the fact that G/E was able to detain me for 3 hours (without me writhing in pain), and that I own a business, he doesn't agree that I'm disabled. When I got no response to the email I realized it may have gone astray and I promptly called to G/E to cancel. She called me back days later and said 'return the materials with your original cancellation letter and come in with $500.00 and we'll refund $4, 419.00 to your American Express card.' I refused to pay $500.00 for 'nothing but their 3-hour sales pitch.' But G/E won't stop billing my American Express card for $4, 419.00. G/E says I can be considered an active member for 36 months. She was very agressive, as she even indicated they could help me find financing to pay for the membership (felt like I was buying a car).

We implement a careful selection process to bring together qualified individuals, singles who will disprove the common belief that “all the good ones are taken.” You won't find our members on the online dating sites.