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Gaychristiandating net

The company has 24 months from the date of Monday’s order to bring all its sites into compliance.The judge also ordered Spark to pay $9,000 to each of the two plaintiffs who brought the suit, in addition to covering the full $450,000 in attorneys fees incurred by the gay men.

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Open and Affirming in the UCC: The United Church of Christ (UCC) is currently the largest domination that holds an Open and Affirming (ONA) program among its many churches.Likewise, any gay Christian – and any Christian, for that matter – will find it fulfilling that they can empathize with fellow believers who are going through the same experiences.The Internet is a valuable resource for a gay Christian to find a support group in his own neighborhood.Affirming churches also address the needs of gay Christians as believers in Christ, hosting Bible studies, starting cell groups, and encouraging Sunday worship service attendance.Many affirming churches are spread not only in the US, but also in Asia and Europe.There are actually gay communities who have a desire to follow and worship, but because of their conflicting identities as a gay and a Christian, it can be a hard time finding Christian communities and churches that would be welcoming.

Fortunately, more and more support groups are emerging and are going out of their way to accept gay Christians for who they are.

The Christian Gay Network: The Christian Gay Network is an online support group that welcomes gays on an international level.

Different services include forums, chat rooms, and email groups, plus a directory of gay churches and organizations.

Find an Affirming Church Churches that welcome gay Christians into their congregation are termed as gay-affirming, or simply affirming, churches.

These churches accept gays without intending to help alter their lifestyle, but instead minister to them as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Spark Networks is the parent company of more than a dozen other dating sites that match people based on faith practices, age, or race, including Catholic,, Black, and Silver