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Error code 1012 when updating prl

error code 1012 when updating prl-17

Generally, once the profile is updated…that will prevent 1012 from happening…and then you can try to update the firmware. I was told to make sure there were to firmware or PRL updates. It usually comes back pretty quickly telling Web Printing Software ; Printer, All-in-One Software & Drivers ; Mac Printing and Scanning ; Printing Issues & Troubleshooting ; Other Printing Questions… then i used ziphone 3.0 and then it looked as of it was fixed but soon the joy was gone as another message … Try updating the profile and if that fails, remove/replace battery and then try the update again.

error code 1012 when updating prl-49

AM : Connected to sprint. AM : Session ID: 369110 AM :…Essentially, I would like to know if the issue lies with my phone or is a Sprint-wide problem. Wirelessly posted (HTC Hero: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 1.5; en-us; A6277 Build/CUPCAKE) Apple Web Kit/528.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.1.2 Mobile Safari/525.20.1) Preferred Roaming List I know what the acronym stands for, but what function does the PRL number have in association with the phone's use?More importantly, is anyone else experiencing the issue that I described in the original post?You can hard-reset your phone, wiping all user data.This will allow your phone to re-activate and retrieve your profile.Earlier this week I learned that my PRL 40450 was out of date.

Took a trip today and stopped with 5 bars on a native Sprint tower and tried to update it.

My boyfriend and friend both have a HTC Evo 3D and a HTC Evo 4G.

Sprint Community: Error code: 1012 – Aug 14, 2012 · Error code: 1012.

This will allow your phone to re-activate and retrieve your profile. Also, you might want to do it in an area with decent signal strenth. We have cll phone reviews, Cellular Accessories, Downloads, PDA reviews, Ringtones, all of the latest Sprint PCS news and information, an area where you can find help in creating a ring tone or custom image for you phone, and so much more.

Simple doing a profile update would not fix my issue. I waited until I was at, your welcome Keep us posted on how it goes. To be honest I can't recall, glad you figured it out. The first time, while going through the Google account set-up, the set-up application kept force quitting. The most popular section is the message board where visitors can read and write messages, ask questions, and get advice about their cellular phone from other users.

I did some extensive searching and finally found the fix.