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Downriver dating site

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While these communities experienced significant population growth and became more suburban during the second half of the 20th Century and 2000s, some working farms can still be found in these towns.

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The proximity to Canada, coupled with residents associated with The Purple Gang, made Downriver one of the nation's major bootlegging hubs during prohibition.

According to "Intemperance: The Lost War Against Liquor" by Larry Englemann, "Soon after the passage of prohibition thousands of residents of the downriver communities began participating in rum-running and consequently reaped nearly unbelievable riches from their activities.

Communities to the south of the city can thus be accessed by traveling downriver (as opposed to upriver) along the waterway.

In the 20th Century, the urban communities in the northern and middle parts of Downriver were mainly populated with workers who were employed by the dozens of auto factories, manufacturing suppliers, ship builders, steel mills and chemical plants that called the area home, including the Ford Rouge Plant Complex, Great Lakes Steel, Mc Louth Steel, and BASF.

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