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Dot dating scheme

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Unknowing mules are likely recruited through online job advertisements and spam email.Job titles may include, but are not limited to, “mystery shopper,” “payment processing agent” or “money transfer agent.” Mules may also be recruited through romance and lottery scams.

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Unknowing mules are vulnerable adults who are often older, lonely and potentially financially strapped.Even though the job offers will seem suspicious to many, those who feel they don’t have anything to lose will give it a try.Unfortunately for them, most mules are only used once and will never see a commission.There is also a significant chance of being arrested and being a victim of identity theft later on because the fraudsters have all the personally identifiable information they need, such as the mule’s Social Security number.Assuming that an individual has received and responded to an email or job posting, the remainder of the scam looks like this: A variation of this scheme is called a reshipper scam.Occasionally, mules will deliver cash in person to representatives of the crime group.

This type of transfer usually involves a mule who is a willing participant in the illicit scheme.

These scams will often include evaluating a money-service business such as Western Union or Money Gram.

Shoppers will receive a counterfeit check that may be worth several thousand dollars.

As compensation, the mule is promised a commission, which obviously never arrives.

There are, however, WFH opportunities that are actually legitimate. Computer Emergency Readiness Team provides the following warning signs of mule recruitment: For example, a woman was on Craigslist looking for a job when she found a WFH administrative assistant opportunity.

The secret-shopper mule usually falls prey to a secret-shopper scam, which is similar to the WFH scheme.