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Dating women who bounce checks

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"He wasn't happy" about doing it, Hall said of her fiance.

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Thirty-one percent of American adults say they know someone who has used a dating Web site, and nearly 60 percent of Internet users said they think a lot of online daters lie about their marital status, according to Pew Internet & American Life Project study last year. GEORGE: Well, let's just say it wouldn't exist without me. JERRY: I remember when you wouldn't date that girl who lived in Queens because you didn't want to go over the bridge! GEORGE: Yeah, no pop-in, no "in the neighborhood," no "I saw your light was on." And the best part is, if things go really well... Hey Jerry, is it all right if I put some stuff in your fridge? Guest Stars: Barney Martin (Morty) Liz Sheridan (Helen) John Michael Higgins (Kurt) Miguel Sandoval (Marcelino) Andrea Bendewald (Celia) Kathryn Joosten (Betsy) Paul Perri (Detective #1) Al White (Detective #2) Ray Proscia (Prison guard) Opening scene: Jerry and Elaine are waiting on the street for George. We were supposed to go to the auto show, I waited for you, you never came.

I mean, last week we waited for that friend of Kramer's for like, forty minutes. ELAINE: So, the longer you know someone, the shorter you wait for 'em.

GEORGE: Well, first, I'm brushing my teeth and this piece of apple-skin, that must have been lodged in there for days, comes loose.

Anyway, they made this large donation to a women's prison, and I get to go down there and check it out. JERRY: It was a mistake, the bank sent me the wrong ones.

ELAINE (looking at Kurt's driver's licence photo): Hey, driver's licence.

ELAINE: Are you saying that I could be dating this hair? JERRY: Is that your "chicken" making all that noise?

ELAINE (sitting down): I'm a "honey." He's pretty great, huh?