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Dating remy martin decanters

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See 1937-1940 section above for possible packaging. This is the older rectangular label with the original name of this cognac "Age Inconnu".

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No Baccarat name or logo engraved on the bottle just as the full bottles pictured below. Note that the interior support platform in the velvet case is cut out exactly in the same pattern as the ones in the green cases from 1946.It is notable that although quite a few "Age Inconnu" bottles are found in the USA they never have US importer labels so they are definitely European bottles privately brought to the US. Louis XIII bottles imported by this company are likely from 1946 and later.1946TO1950USA Made in France by Baccarat No Logo Engraved number (29, 55, 56, 103 & 114) Number matching bottle number engraved under the stopper tip. Same "Louis XIII Brand - Rarest Reserve" Label as on the 1937 Baccarat bottles. These bottles do not have Baccarat logos only the Baccarat name engraved under the base.Low serial numbers would indicate small yearly production for 1946-1950.Engraved numbers on left side and right side of these bottles may reflect two different years. Three of these green velvet presentation boxes were purchased together and two have consecutive serial numbers which all but garanties authenticity. was formed in 1936 but took over Remy Martin imports from Browne Vintners in 1940. Unknown According to Remy Martin all of the bottles sold between 1874 to 1937 were labelled "Age Inconnu" and sold under that name. Middle bottle: Marked No.10 but no other engraving. There are many bubbles and foreign matter trapped inside the glass. These three bottles are the earliest types of Louis XIII decanters I have uncovered to date. Unknown Unknown Unknown Irregular hand-blown glass bottle. Stopper interior space "contaminated" with white "specks".

Additional features were added by hand, which explains the great variations in bottles of this generation. 1900TO1936 Remy Martin Cognac - France - Acid Etched Markings. It is presented by the owner with a 1938 Royal visit card. According to Remy Martin all of the bottles sold between 1874 to 1937 were labelled "Age Inconnu" and sold under that name. Cylindrical neck with significantly offset opening. Engraved No.6, No.10, No.39, No.42 Stopper engraved on side and under the tip with same number as decanter.

Core bottle was probably blown into a mold where it acquired the basic shape and the word "DEPOSE". Small round opening under the insert This appears to be a pre-Baccarat glass bottle. This is probably the standard commercial glass bottle used from 1900 until the first use of Baccarat crystal bottles in the 1930s. Remy Martin& Cie Cognac France Empty bottles are identical to the 1938-1939-1940 bottles below but missing Paper Logo Label so they are probably Baccarat.

This bottle shows signs of rapid manual manufacturing.

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The Cognac was known as "Age Inconnu" before this time.