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If this is the case, you should follow the same procedure that you would use for the adoption society.That is, contact your Local Health Office in the HSE and let it know that you are trying to trace your birth family or child.

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However the adoption authorities do not advise this.The Authority is an independent statutory body that can grant or refuse applications for adoption orders in relation to Irish adoption.The Authority is also responsible for registering and supervising adoption agencies and societies in Ireland.They recommend that any searches are carried out in a controlled way to ensure that neither party is forced into something they are unwilling or unable to cope with.If you are adopted, it means that your birth family lose all legal rights over you, and your welfare is no longer their responsibility.Also, if your own family lost contact with you, your foster family or the HSE, tracing your family after a number of years may be a difficult task.

If you were not legally adopted, the Adoption Authority recommends that you apply to the Local Health Office in the HSE in the region where you lived as a child.

The adoption agency should have a file on the adoption that may contain some information on your origins or where your child was placed.

If you do not have or cannot remember the name of the agency, you should write to the Adoption Authority.

It should have details of your placement and your own family.

If you were fostered a number of years ago, it is possible that records are not of the same standard that are required today.

However, there are specific channels you can use to try and find your family or child, and there are a lot of support organisations that can give you practical advice and counselling throughout the process.