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Dating a massage parlor girl

Now this is an often asked question posted on forums that discuss and report about soapy massage encounters.

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Also referred to as the sandwich massage when you take on two girls. If you decide to have one of these massages your pretty lady will escort you to a well appointed room that has a large bed with strategically placed mirrors, a bath large enough for two bodies and a single inflated rubber mattress. How to Have Two Girls for the Price of One Choosing a girl in the Thai massage parlor is fun.If you can't make up your mind which massage lady to choose then you could ask one of the attendants who will be close by.Sometimes the attendants hover too close and can become annoying.If you put concentrated effort into choosing the right massage girl in the beginning then you will be in for an experience you will be happy to remember for a long time after you return to your country. After twenty minutes or so (or maybe longer if you have read "PBGR") of being slid all over and under by her soapy naked body you will have your soapy suds washed off, a rub down with a towel and the two of you should usually adjourn to the bed.If you don't have a massive hard on by this time it is an opportune moment to apply a little something mentioned on previous pages of this web site.When I go for a soapy, if I haven't taken a massage with the girl before then this is the golden moment that will help me decide whether or not I want to continue to the room.

Usually the fee is paid before you go to the room with your chosen massage girl.

The girls are trained to perform a service following a set procedure which to the customer, who has not put a bit of effort into choosing the right girl, can seem very mechanical.

If you want to guarantee that your soapy massage experience will be an erotic adventure of the heavenly kind then there are a few steps that you might like to indulge in before you go to the private room with your massage girl.

Is she going to drag that bad experience along with an attitude into your 90 minute session?

The first round of your encounter usually begins in the bath tub where you will have every part of your body thoroughly sponged.

Think about this; the massage girls are sitting on the stage or behind a glass petition.