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While the types of hotels vary, the criteria is the same: location, comfort, cleanliness and charm - all at the right price.

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Keep your eyes open for a variety of wildlife such as bears, elk, and moose as you drive along this highway, which stretches for almost 150 miles past stunning lakes, soaring mountains, and picturesque valleys.Wind your way along a small portion of the scenic Minnewanka Loop Road on your way to Lake Minnewanka, a picturesque glacial lake in Banff National Park.Then, take in spectacular views of towering mountain peaks and rugged coastline as you enjoy a cruise on the glittering water.Learn more about the region’s extensive Native American history and keep an eye out for the area’s abundant wildlife as you go—you may spot bald eagles, bighorn sheep, and even the occasional bear along the shore.End your boat ride with breathtaking views of Devil’s Gap, a large glacial pass through the Rocky Mountains.An absolutely charming Banff hotel, The Irwin's Mountain Inn is an ideal choice for accommodation in the Canadian Rockies.

A family owned and operated Banff hotel, The Irwin's Mountain Inn is nestled right in heart of the world class destination that is Banff, Alberta.

Please note: The excursion runs from mid-May to the beginning of October only.

It requires advance reservation and must be booked at least 20 days prior to departure.

This excursion is seasonal and runs mid-June through mid-September only.

Must be booked 20 days before departure Our team personally visits every hotel, carefully selecting each accommodation to make sure you have the best possible stay.

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