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Best cities for dating

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That’s because there aren’t very many options for congregating here, and more than half of the population is already married.And no, dating a married person isn’t ‘cool.’ It’s actually wrong. 60% married: 3rd highest 42% with kids: 3rd Places to meet: 15th lowest Sure, there are more places to meet up in Franklin than in the cities listed above.

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While the number of people with kids isn’t the highest on this list, it sure is towards the top.Meanwhile, Hong Kong is the hardest city to date in if you’re a woman but the easiest to date in as a man.Other notable stats from this (admittedly slightly dubious) study is that apparently London is the city where more women are most likely to have sex on the first date.And if you’re a woman, you can just about forget it. But almost half of the population is married, and 31% have a child. Additionally, here are the best places for dating in Massachusetts: Lawrence, Malden, Medford, Chelsea, Lynn.Females completely dominate this city by a wide margin: 57% of the population is female. If you want to be a step-dad, then this is your place! At least there are lots of single people there, right?But Franklin has the least number of available single people without kids.

A whopping 60% of people in Franklin already has a snuggle bunny, and they don’t want a third, thank you very much.

This new study says that it’s the city you live in that may be cramping your dating style.

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel did a survey of their users and tallied the results to give some major insight into dating around the world.

2 out of 3 residents here is married, and more than half of those couples already has kids.

49% married: 16th highest 30% with kids: 27th Places to meet: 10th lowest This city of 38,000 makes it tough to get a date in.

They could use a babysitter though; 42% of residents has a little one at home. 64% married: Highest 41% with kids: 5th Places to meet: 24th lowest Say you’re trying to find someone new to date, and you live in Lexington.