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Asian dating fetish

And did they involve any assumptions that were unfair or untested? Will I look to the other side and think, ooh, looks like a J. Lesson Learned: White Guy “Jim” One guy in particular who helped me to figure out which kind of White guys I would not be willing to date was Jim (Duh. The basic facts looked good so far: Jim was a music composer and built websites for a living. However, he did mention later during our first date that he taught in Japan. Perhaps some of these beliefs were just walls I used to protect myself from growing as a human being? If there was chemistry, we figure out if we would cross that race bridge when we got there. He worked from home and lived very close to where I lived. Date three is when I usually follow up on deeper questions. Honestly, up until that point, I had only put him through the following introductory paces of an Asian Fetish filtering process that I was making up as I went along.

It may be that around an Asian woman a white guy doesn’t feel all the same critical judgements he might assume are being projected on him by a white woman from a similar background—how much money he makes, his family’s socioeconomic status, his educational attainment, his future earning potential, his desire for children.Hwang argues that this phenomenon is caused by stereotyping of Asians in Western society. In his proudest moment, there was Jim in a traditional, dark blue Chinese guy silk jacket. Straight up old school, Hong Kong-Jackie Chan kung fu jacket with ornate gold circles and dragons. And I will certainly avoid dating any white guys who are more Asian than me.Documentary filmmaker Debbie Lum explored the issue in her film Seeking Asian Female which was selected as “Best of Fest” at AFI – Discovery Channel / Silverdocs Film Festival and is now being aired through PBS. When I tried online dating a few years ago, I was ready. We were strangers who met through an online dating website. For a hot second, I imagined Jim trying to play out an Asian fetish bedroom scene with him in a kung-fu outfit and me as a “sexy” masseuse with useless chopsticks in my hair. Asian Fortune is an English language newspaper for Asian American professionals in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.I was at a point in my life where I was questioning a lot of the foundations of my identity. If we could be friends with shared values and a deep understanding, I’d cross that bridge. What exactly were the things that I was holding onto about myself that truly defined me? If we were actually foes, then I would be the first to light the dynamite. Like, on the scale of stereotypical Whiteness, he was brown-haired, light eyes, SPF 70, six feet tall, skinny, everyday hiking shoes-wearing White. These are all physical attributes that many men, not just white men but men of any race, could easily be attracted to.

Beyond the purely physical, there's the notion/oft-mentioned-stereotype that Asian women are more "subservient" or "docile" than the women of other races.

Nonetheless I suppose that’s enough to make me a prominent Quora expert on the topic.

If I had to hazard a guess as to why some white guys like petite Asian girls (you know, the whole "Asian persuasion" / "Yellow Fever" thang) it has to do with the model or ideal of feminity that they are attracted to (which would be the same reason men of all races sometimes like Asian women).

I’ve received three anonymous A2A’s on this question (one after I deleted the answer which I satisfied by undeleting it).

Do I really seem like one of those creepy white guys who be regularly hittin' on dem Asian girls? Alright, alright you don't have to answer that last question.

In the middle of a collage of family photos was a plaque from the professional composer’s association, ASCAP. Though that relationship eventually ended, I was glad that I was more open to meeting a wider range of men. It would take a very particular guy, much less White guy, to understand my politics and make me feel “at home.” Who knows?