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Presenter: Sharon Day, Ojibwe, is the executive director and co-founder of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force and an award-winning artist and writer.

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"Then the electronic conversation deteriorates into one so sexually explicit that only a porn rag would attempt to print it.These ceremonies invite collectives of Native and non-Native people to raise awareness and promote connectedness to water resources through walking long distances in prayer.This session explores the rivers, streams and what is hurting them (and us) and considers statewide water issues within the frameworks of social and ecological justice.Please join us at Women on Wednesday during the 2016/17 academic year as we continue to offer this unique and interesting forum for women’s voices.In September 2013, the Winter Institute helped convene a statewide coalition of partners dedicated to a Mississippi healthcare initiative.However, by age four, a parent can help a child understand that this is a private behavior — "It's OK in your room, but not in the grocery store." Because all children are curious, most children play "hospital" and "doctor." This can be a good opportunity to say to your child, "I know you are wondering about each others' bodies.

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The chat begins innocently enough, with the man asking the girl's name.

Then he asks what her hobbies are and tells her she's pretty or sexy.

The free public series is in Atwood Theatre, Atwood Memorial Center, from noon to 1 p.m. Having an institutionally-supported office to help students (and employees) explore and address the ways in which gender influences every aspect of one’s life exists for only 18% of students at four-year universities and colleges in the U. The Women’s Center has hosted more than 750 women from all walks of life, areas of expertise, diverse identities and life experiences during the past 26 years.

There is no way to avoid the word “wow” upon reviewing the women who have presented and topics we’ve addressed.

There was consensus that a statewide coalition is a good idea, and the main points raised included youth empowerment through education and family support; healthy, accessible food systems (community gardens); a unified social justice voice to send positive messages and to affect public opinion and policy; asset mapping of the state; shifting the culture/paradigm of the state around health; and having all of this work be community driven.