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The two other teens entered mid-trial guilty pleas in September 2013 for their roles in the violent pimping operation.

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Hopefully, this increased awareness will protect more boys and girls from male and female sexual predators.The 18-year-old was arrested in 2012, when she was 15, for leading the operation with two other teens as they recruited other girls through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, before drugging and beating them and forcing them into prostitution.The 18-year-old was the only one who pleaded not guilty in her trial, but she was found guilty this January.CBC News Nov 04, 2014 - An 18-year-old female who led an operation that trafficked other female teenagers using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter today received an adult sentence of 6½ years in a correctional facility.The young woman was given credit for time she's already served in pre-sentence custody, meaning she will only serve another two years and 325 days.Under the adult Criminal Code, she faced a minimum sentence of five years. The Associated Press, Published Wednesday, September 14, 2016 ALBUQUERQUE, N. USA -- The mother of a 10-year-old New Mexico girl found dead and dismembered told police she sought men online and at work to sexually assault her daughter, according to warrants obtained by the Albuquerque Journal.

Michelle Martens told police that she had set up encounters with at least three men to sexually assault her daughter, the Albuquerque Journal reported.

Even some professionals working in the field believed that women represented only about 1% to 3% of sexual abusers at most.

However, mounting research evidence about sexual abuse perpetration at the hands of teen and adult females has begun to challenge our assumptions, though these earlier and dated views still tend to predominate.

If you think these statistics are wrong, just watch the American TV show The Oprah Winfrey Show Lisa Ling Interview of a woman who sexually molested /raped over 100 children by her own admission and only got charged on 15 counts.

Considering these facts, arrest statistics for child sexual offenders by gender are meaningless.

When the victim is female, female perpetrators account for 6% to 17% of abusers (American Humane Association, 1981; Finkelhor and Russell, 1984; Finkelhor et al., 1990).