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Married adult erotic chat

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Just to double check, I stretch my arm out beside me and rub the smooth sheets repeatedly where you should be.I roll over to be sure that you haven't gotten lost at the edge of the bed, but now that I am fully awake, I know all too well where you'll be.

It had a king size bed with a great view of the city skyline....He looked ragged from days of travel, his left hand gripped the horse's reins tightly. He was in his mid-twenties, his light blonde hair contrasted with his black hat and a grey shirt. Read On Added: | Category: Historical | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 5,654 | Tags: cowboy red indians poker mff threesome anal dual.| 1 Comment How a dream led to my sweet young wife getting fucked by a slab of a man, with me watching Part 1 I’m going to tell how it began, how I first became obsessed by thoughts of my wives being fucked by other men. The wind swept through the valley, relieving some of the heat of the day.A cowboy wearing a black Stetson and black chaps rode into town slowly on a black horse.It had all starred nearly two months earlier when to both...

Read On Added: | Category: Cuckold | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 10,001 | Tags: cuckold husband wife cheating creampie doubt | 9 Comments Michelle shows her new friend the joys of dating.

It was long and drab, and he was on his own, so there wasn't much to do but read the paper or work.

He figured he worked enough the rest of the week, so he'd focused on the paper which he had now read pretty much cover to cover. Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 4.25 | Words: 2,046 | Tags: dare game handjob teen mature | 2 Comments I stir in the bed, still half asleep but aware enough to realise that I'm alone.

Christmas had come early in our household with the unexpected gift of a brand new ‘Hotwife and Cuckold’ relationship after more than twenty years of monogamous marriage.

Although my husband Pete had tried very hard to persuade me to take a lover for over a year, when it had actually started, it had been a surprise to us both.

The studio is almost like your mistress, you could spend...