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This is a shrink in the and it is very common in languages with vowel features like stress and nasality (French has 13 oral vowels but only 4 nasal).

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There is actually a trend in linguistics called Optimality Theory that frames phonological rules like this in terms of ranked constraints.Because there are so many regional and political variants (registers) of Hindi, estimates of the number of native speakers run from 185 to 311 million.There have been many attempts to shoehorn Sanskrit words into modern Hindi; anyone who’s taken yoga knows what an eyeroll that can be.My subcontinental friend didn’t have a six-pack (पेट की महा-पेशी /peʈ ki mɐɦa peʃi/), but he was certainly a stud (खिलाडी /kʰɪlaɖi/, “player” in all senses).Like with many Manhunt bilinguals, I didn’t know he spoke Hindi until we met in person.Of course, I pounced on the opportunity to try out some of the tongue-contorting features particular to the South Asian phonological .

Hindi, along with all South Asian languages, gets its signature sound from retroflex consonants.

Of course, actual optimality tables get much more intense, but there’s only so much counter-Chomskyan psycholinguistics I can handle before I blow my wad.

If that happens to you, use this hauntingly literal phrase: मैं माल छोड़वाला हूँ ! Once you’re done, you’ll probably want to pass out.

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