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I have tried some of the bigger bore kits all the way up to 170cc, but they can take away that quick revving motocross feel and turn it into a slow revving vet bike real quick.

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It makes power everywhere, has great suspension, and can handle with the best of them. Chat Leenex – Sex Chat, chat, sex, sex chat Russian, erotic chat, chat. Beauty – Erotic Video Chat | Webcam | Watch Video from webcams in the porn category titled: Beauty – Erotic Video Chat – | Watch Online. My home track has slowly turned into a full blown Supercross track that Reed could be proud of.As fast as the 150R is bone stock it could use a horse power or two more right off of idle.The 150R is built to be a pure motocrosser, but I like to ride it in the woods just as much as the MX track.

You don't have to hammer the clutch to keep it screaming and the 4-stroke power really hooks up.

I had to scream the stock 150R's guts out to clear the big jumps before, but they seem effortless now. One last trick for the 150R, is to back the accelerator pump screw out a couple of turns counter clock wise.

This helps get rid of that off idle hiccup when you snap the throttle.

The accelerator pump is located under that black plastic cover on the right side of the carb. You will see the Philips adjustment screw sitting right there.

Just loosen it up and the bog will magically go away.

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