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Blending fiscal and social conservatism with a strong military presence and foreign policy, the New Right offered a means of fusing what rhetorical scholar Michael Lee calls the conflicting dialects of traditionalism and libertarianism that constitute the political language of conservatism in the United States.

In advancing a return to tribal politics, the “Alt-Right,” as Jack Hunter of the argues, defines itself against the radical individualism of the libertarian dialect as articulated by conservative firebrands such as Goldwater.Today he sits down with four folks on the autism spectrum to tackle more topics like parents speaking over their autistic children, "autistic" versus "person with autism," and Star Trek.The brash new wing of the conservative movement, the so-called “Alt-Right,” has drawn public attention and ire, with Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton condemning them in a recent campaign speech in Reno, Nevada. , as well as media watchdog groups FAIR and Media Matters have published pieces on the group, a solid conceptualization of the “Alt-Right” remains elusive.Manifesting primarily in online forums such as 4Chan, Reddit, and Radix Journal, the “Alt-Right” consists mainly of 18-35 year-old white males who are, as their leader Milos Yiannopoulos claims, “young, creative and eager to commit secular heresies,” through the creation and circulation of openly racist, sexist, and nationalistic memes.The usage of these memes is a way of signaling belonging to the group by demonstrating a fluency in the “Alt-Right” vernacular. ” How do they differ from other conservative groups and what are the defining characteristics of their rhetoric?

Emerging from these pieces, however, is a list of common characteristics that may allow us to articulate the defining communicative and rhetorical norms and strategies of the “Alt-Right.” The “Alt-Right” is often defined with and against the development of the New Right, a nebulous conservative movement represented by the rise of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

Bush, struggle to create a message capable of unifying traditionalists and libertarians alike.

Indeed, what the “Alt-Right” appears to be doing in its rhetoric is actively delinking these two dialects, re-articulating an extremist traditionalist message, and separating the language of conservatism from the Republican Party.

When the Trump campaign tweeted an image of himself as Pepe in October 2015, to @Brietbart News and others, with the message, “You Can’t Stump the Trump,” he rhetorically positioned himself as the Presidential candidate of the “Alt-Right.” As a candidate whose views on American exceptionalism, immigration, and anti-PC culture resonate with the message of the “Alt-Right,” Trump stands as a figure capable of making white nationalist ideas a political reality.

Trump thus represents the power to create a sovereign nation state that protects white men from perceived economic and cultural threats.

And in this crazy world, we have to go to the likes of CNN to get the actual story: Green card holders from Trump-restricted countries impacted by ban – The US government will not automatically allow green card holders who traveled to countries placed under a temporary travel ban back into the United States, two sources familiar with the matter told CNN.