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I wake up every morning and what is always in my head is that I don't know if that video still exists or not. She asked to see my Facebook profile, she wanted to make friends on there."Literally ten minutes after I'd sent her my profile I got this message: 'What would you do if I sent these photos to your friends and family? And then I asked her what she wanted me to do."She said she wanted me to subscribe to these live webcam websites, some of them looked really dodgy, and she wanted me to send screenshots to prove I'd done it.The police told me that people have committed suicide because of this, I can understand why. She got angrier and angrier and then said 'Ok, give me money'.

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Messages came through abusing me and saying 'I will keep doing it'. I know now that they were very, very clever, getting to know me, getting to know my background, getting into my head."Then one night the girl suggested we move onto Skype so we could see each other.In some cases, even when the demands have been met the offenders will still go on to post the videos. to have any video blocked and to set up an alert in case the video resurfaces.(Source: NCA)This includes immediately contacting the police and their internet provider, and gathering evidence by taking screenshots of all communications.Victims are also advised to temporarily suspend their Facebook account and use online reporting tools on You Tube and Skype to ensure any X-rated videos uploaded by the criminals are quickly blocked.We exchanged some messages and she made some suggestion to say that she would remove her clothes if I did the same.I'd had a few glasses of wine so maybe my inhibitions had dropped a bit and I agreed."Straight away after that the threats began. If you don't pay me I'll put that video all over Facebook and You Tube".I'd been talking to them for a while so I thought why not?

They seemed persistent, which in hindsight was the first warning sign."At the time I was going with it.

A dramatic rise in the number of people being targeted by a relatively new crime known as 'sextortion' has seen thousands of British victims' lives turned upside down.

Four men have already killed themselves in the UK after becoming victims, with many of those being targeted children.

I paid them some more."I didn't go to the police straight away, I was too embarrassed.

I was just a real mess and wanted to shut myself away, die in a corner somewhere, but after a day or so I went to the police station ."Even now I have trouble going on to the internet and I can't use Facebook any more.

The conversations had lasted a week or two, more than previous ones.